This blog was born from the idea that mandatory tea time might bring about world peace - or maybe a better working environment - or at the very least it would be fun!

My name is Jocelyn Aucoin. I'm the Director of Social Media Marketing @ WorkSimple and the Owner of indie record label, Lujo Records.

This is where I talk shop: marketing, social media, bidnass and anything else that I see fit.

I'm more or less interested in everything so get ready for a ride.

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A succinct and explanatory article from Drew Olanoff/ The Next Web giving an overview of WorkSimple and our new Praise app! The article also features an interview with WorkSimple CEO, Morgan Norman!  

GREAT read.  

Follow Drew on Twitter @thatdrew and WorkSimple @getworksimple! 

Oh how I love quoting bad lyrics. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, peep this. I wonder what Scott Stapp from Creed is doing at this very minute. Watching Family Guy? Picking up a 3-pack of wife beaters? Snapping into a Slim Jim?

Maybe his song was inspired after a long day on the job with no recongition. Hey, it could have happened. Do you know that 52 percent of workers today feel that they are not being recongnized for their efforts? Instead of getting all bummed about it, maybe Scotty Stappy put it in a song? Maybe.

But it’s sad. It’s sad that so many of us feel we are not receiving adequate recognition on the job—especially since it’s really pretty painless (and FUN) to give accolades to our fellow workers and employees. And there are so many different ways we can do this.

WorkSimple has a poll happening here on their Facebook page where you can answer the question:  How do you thank your employees for exceeding expectations in the workplace? Send a short email? Present a plaque? A payment of ten thousand dollars? (I wish.) At my husband’s place of work, they give out bobbleheads for people who go above and beyond in their jobs. As you might imagine, that makes the place pretty colorful. I like it.

WorkSimple also has an awesome new praise app where, amongst other positive engagement, you can “Congratulate” a co-worker on a job being done well.  I like that, too. 


What do you do to thank your employees or how are you thanked at your job? Let’s get some ideas going on how we can take each other higher! He he. Laaaame. 

Cheers m’ dears!