This blog was born from the idea that mandatory tea time might bring about world peace - or maybe a better working environment - or at the very least it would be fun!

My name is Jocelyn Aucoin. I'm the Director of Social Media Marketing @ WorkSimple and the Owner of indie record label, Lujo Records.

This is where I talk shop: marketing, social media, bidnass and anything else that I see fit.

I'm more or less interested in everything so get ready for a ride.

All opinions expressed here are my own.

Well, who else's would they be?
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A succinct and explanatory article from Drew Olanoff/ The Next Web giving an overview of WorkSimple and our new Praise app! The article also features an interview with WorkSimple CEO, Morgan Norman!  

GREAT read.  

Follow Drew on Twitter @thatdrew and WorkSimple @getworksimple! 

New websites are popping up everyday, aiming to help you find a job, land an opportunity, or build your brand online.

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